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Moxie Cloud Services

Moxie Cloud Services (MCS) provides reliable, “high-availability” solutions via state-of-the-art facilities featuring flexible deployment models tailored to customer requirements. These can range from hosting Moxie software products through a subscription arrangement, to hosting purchased or licensed software products. MCS and Moxie professional services will advise customers on the most cost effective solutions for their organization.

The Moxie Cloud Services are accessible from any location, on any platform, on any connection type and speed, delivered as an ASP hosted service direct from Moxie or through one of our certified ASP Network Partners. These hosted solutions allow for a fast, easy, and economical implementation in a fraction of the time required by other solutions. With limited expense and internal staff, users can track, manage, and administer online customer communications through a powerful and intuitive user interface.

Moxie Cloud Services offerings provide unusually high levels of performance, security, and reliability to support applications in world-class facilities. Customer service software solutions obtained through cloud services from Moxie relieves the burden of overworked IT staff. It gives companies with little or no IT infrastructure the ability to have services available 24×7. Customers can select a hosting model with a standard uptime of 99.5% or they can select a premium uptime service as high as 99.95%.

Moxie offers organizations the option of obtaining powerful deployment infrastructure at a low cost and predictable monthly fee. Moxie’s customers benefit by obtaining a rapid deployment and receiving exceptional service and support. The ultimate deliverable is a competitive edge in building and sustaining lasting customer relationships.

Moxie Cloud Services offer:

  • State-of-the-art, carrier-class data centers in North America and Europe
  • Unmatched security, reliability and scalability
  • Experienced and certified professionals with a proven track record to manage and monitor the system
  • Well-defined process for change management, capacity management, availability management, configuration management, and help desk management

Moxie utilizes SunGard for hosting infrastructure as a hosting partner. We use their space and rely on their infrastructure but manage the environment and applications with our security professionals. Moxie has two data centers located in the United States, Portland and Scottsdale and two located in Europe, London and Leeds, United Kingdom.


Advisory Services

Bring our insights into your organization

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the years to help them scope, plan and execute game-changing collaboration strategies and initiatives with impressive results.

What’s our recipe for success? The main ingredient is being totally outcome-oriented. A collaboration strategy and its initiatives will flounder if they do not clearly drive desired business outcomes – and helps its customers maintain that focus.

Collaboration is most successful when you orchestrate it through three phases. The first is to establish a collaboration strategy – one that is aligned with the goals of the business. The second phase deals with infrastructural elements – how a company’s organizational structure, culture and technology architecture inhibit or promote collaboration.

Finally, with the infrastructure properly aligned, the third phase is driving engagement by providing an experience that matches employees’ wants and needs.

Collaboration that produces results

Building a Collaborative Enterprise is difficult. It requires re-thinking the way we’ve worked for decades and reshaping organizational structures and cultures that have become deeply engrained.

But the opportunity for significant business advantage makes tackling this challenge an imperative for today’s leaders.

Work with us to build and manage your Collaborative Enterprise.

Customer Support Services

Get help the way you want it

Our customer support is staffed with professionals adept at handling issues across platforms and system environments. We offer support packages to fit the varying needs of our customers.

We use our own suite of collaborative customer support applications, including phone, email, chat and self-service (knowledge base).

Standard support

Standard Support package covers:

  • 24/7 support for production environments
  • 24×7 email support
  • 24×7 phone and chat support
  • Access to the support web site
  • Access to our knowledge base
  • On-premise customers: access to software upgrades (minor and major) and to generally available enhancements and hot fixes

Premium support

Premium Support is an add-on to our Standard Support package that provides support coverage for non-production environments and upgrades.

Software Implementation Services

Customization and activation services

Moxie provides collaboration-based software solutions that help businesses achieve organizational objectives in a rapid timeframe. Extensive experience, developed from hundreds of customer implementations around the globe, coupled with a tested project implementation methodology ensures every deployment is successful.

This dynamic methodology is the cornerstone for providing a proven and repeatable process to comprehend complex or simple deployments. Where applicable, Moxie will leverage existing legacy systems to reduce costs and retain previous company investments.

Customers interact with Moxie experts for all implementations

Access to Moxie’s product and solution expertise includes a combination of the following:

  • Functional analysts with expertise in specific business verticals
  • Trained and certified project managers
  • Technical analysts
  • Subject matter experts
  • Best-practices consultants


The Moxie Software QuickStart program, derived from extensive business experience, industry best practices, and in-depth product knowledge, is a proven onsite or ASP deployment process to install and configure the solution. Moxie Software’s QuickStart provides modular options to enable successful implementations based on customer requirements, product (Email, Chat, Phone, etc), and facilities. The Moxie customer service software deployment process takes approximately three to seven business days.

Professional with Every Purchase

Moxie’s Professional with Every Purchase program delivers comprehensive services for six months following a successful Moxie customer service software deployment to help fulfill the company’s objectives at no additional charge. It provides IT administration, product expertise, and operation services (i.e. database administration, system monitoring, upgrades, installs, and production configuration) on a full or part-time basis.

Customer Service Software Management Services

  • New user accounts and logins creation
  • Basic administrative work
  • Business rules creation and management



Moxie offers several training packages to help you gain the knowledge needed to successfully utilize our customer engagement tools. Courses are designed to introduce and expand on each Moxie product, including knowledgebase, email, and chat. Each session or course offers an effective method for new and experienced users and can enhance product functionality skills and learn about new product releases.

Webinar, trainer lead* courses are comprehensive, hands on training geared to help your Agents, Supervisors, Business Managers and Trainers learn the essential features and functionality of the Moxie solution.
Training offerings include:

  • Knowledgebase –Session One: This step by step Knowledgebase training allows participants to gain the knowledge on how to begin setting up a Knowledgebase.
  • Knowledgebase – Session Two: A continuation of your Knowledgebase training which provides an in-depth look at enhanced administrator features and functionality.
  • Moxie Agent: Agents will learn the core functions and features on how to utilize either the Chat or Email Solution.
  • Moxie Supervisor: Supervisors gain knowledge on many reporting and dashboard features.
  • Administrator: Demonstrates key tools that managers use to effectively support and monitor end-users

Moxie customers can inquire about our training options and packages by contacting their Account Manager or emailing info@moxiesoft.com

*Certain training packages only.