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Spaces by Moxie™

Connecting employee
collaboration and customer
communication into
a single suite.

Spaces by Moxie Illustration

Enabling Quick and Seamless Integrations with Spaces Connect™

A part of Spaces by Moxie, Spaces Connect is a comprehensive framework that effectively integrates information from across the enterprise. Its secure APIs and pre-built connectors make it easy to integrate Spaces by Moxie with applications such as CRM, ERP, Content Management, HR and other 3rd party applications. The framework transforms Spaces by Moxie into the work platform for business execution across the enterprise.

Fragments: New Consumption and Execution Points

Combine data from multiple sources for each specific user with no user authentication required. Plus, plug-able widgets for UI level integration.

Event Monitoring and Action Triggers

Interact with data sources that have external notifications and define event-actions using JavaScript that can be sequenced and customized per user.

Data Piping

Simple, customizable event listeners, data import/export across multiple systems specific for each user, and data field mapping – one time or scheduled.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Spaces by Moxie for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables organizations to provide differentiated and personalized customer experiences at scale. The suite improves the way businesses interact, understand, and deliver superior customer service.

Moxie’s multi-channel and knowledge base solutions coupled with Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities empower our customers to provide a great customer experience. Having the right tools not only means enabling high productivity for customer care teams—but more importantly, it means transforming the workforce into a market intelligence network.”- Craig Dewar, Director, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Marketing

Key Benefits

Spaces by Moxie ensures that the voice of the customer is heard and the organization can respond effectively in order to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. By integrating this functionality with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, organizations can:

  • Provide a Single Source of Truth: Ensure Dynamics CRM is your sole source for accurate data on all customer information and interactions
  • Drive Seamless Multi-channel Interactions: Access contact and case records within Dynamics CRM in a single agent desktop
  • Resolve Inquiries Faster: Search for answers, create and view cases, and update information in Dynamics CRM from within the agent desktop


Microsoft Lync

Spaces by Moxie for Microsoft Lync enables enterprises to provide highly personalized customer experiences by leveraging, for the first time, the Lync telephony platform in the contact center.

This integration allows organization to:

  • Manage all customer sales and support interactions through a single agent desktop
  • Provide agents the ability to collaborate in real-time via the Lync telephony platform
  • Allow faster resolution of customers’ problems with future Skype integration

Key Benefits

Leverage Existing Investments: Integrate with existing CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM and leverage investments in enterprise and smaller office telephony platforms with enterprise class email, chat, cobrowse and social media.

  • Consistent Answers: Use Spaces by Moxie as the single source of truth for all customer data from multiple channels –– phone, email, chat, cobrowse and social media.
  • Intelligent Routing: Route Lync calls intelligently to the most appropriate agent, including Interactive Voice Response (IVR) data so the right answers can be provided to customers.
  • Increase Flexibility: Allow agents the flexibility to provide customer support — no matter where they are located or what devices they are using.

It’s really exciting that businesses can now leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Lync together with Moxie Software’s leading multi-channel and knowledge management capabilities.- Fred Studer, general manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Microsoft SharePoint

By combining Collaboration Spaces with existing implementations of SharePoint and other enterprise systems, organizations can support a people-centric business model that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.

SharePoint’s organized approach to document management and workflow capabilities continue to provide tremendous value. By layering a people-centric social collaboration layer on top of such a system, you gain the best of both worlds: powerful document and workflow management combined with a compelling and user-centric environment that enhances communication and collaboration.

Key Benefits

  • Documents can continue to be stored and maintained in SharePoint, but exposed through the social business layer. Users can take advantage of collaboration capabilities such as “commenting”, “liking” and “following” SharePoint documents referenced in Spaces.
  • Federated search enables searching across both Spaces and SharePoint, simplifying the process of finding useful information and eliminating the information silos that keep knowledge from being discovered and used.
  • SharePoint documents that are edited and saved are automatically synchronized with linked folders in Collaboration Spaces.



Moxie’s integration with BMC Remedy ITSM, which includes Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, and Service Request Management is available for BMC’s OnDemand and On-Premise Remedy offerings, and supports version 7.6.04 as well as version 8 of BMC Remedy AR.

The integration is implemented in the Remedy user interface for a seamless user experience, providing robust search and retrieval of solutions, the ability to attach solutions to a case, and send solutions to customers so that agents spend less time looking for solutions and are able to focus on providing a superior service experience to their customers.

Other features of the expanded integration include full audit trail, single sign on, creation of new solutions from the Remedy user interface, as well as the ability to search and retrieve solutions from Moxie’s Knowledge Spaces prior to submitting a new help request enabling true incident deflection.


  • Link article to case: seamlessly search for answers within the knowledge base and attach the relevant article to enable case resolution;
  • Case-to-article: automatically convert case activity into a knowledge base article to be published immediately or processed through the knowledge workflow for routing and approval;
  • Contextual search: as agents conduct searches within the knowledge base, they are instantly presented with contextually relevant content from previous searches;
  • Reporting: provide supervisors comprehensive information about agent search activity, in addition to the accuracy and effectiveness of knowledge articles; and
  • Single sign-on: seamlessly access information from the knowledge base via single sign on.



Moxie’s comprehensive integration framework, integrates Spaces by Moxie with Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud, helping businesses connect with their customers faster and become more responsive across multiple communication channels.

Spaces integration with Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud for Collaboration, Chat, Email and Knowledge Spaces is available immediately for customers of Salesforce Professional and Enterprise editions. Moxie’s Chat Spaces and Email Spaces are available on Salesforce.com’s AppExchange marketplace.



Is your customer service organization challenged with integrating multiple solutions for routing calls, handling email, and managing Web chat? Moxie’s Universal Queue Solution is an online customer support solution that offers integration with Cisco ICM and provides seamless interaction routing, delivering the right interaction to the right agent at the right time. Enable your contact center to deliver an exceptional customer support experience by blending multiple communication channels and simplifying operations.

Key Benefits

Simplify your contact center operations

  • Unified routing distributes incoming inquiries to the best available resources across channels
  • Customer profile routing automatically prioritizes interactions based on value of the customer
  • Multi-channel reporting provides real-time and historical data in one location

Increase productivity

  • Interactions are automatically prioritized across all media types
  • A single supervisor interface simplifies the task at hand
  • Inquiries are pre-sorted to deliver high-priority items to agents

Easily integrate existing infrastructures

  • Moxie’s Universal Queue Solution molds to your existing telephony infrastructure
  • Unified reporting is extensible to custom data warehouses



By packaging Nina™ Web with Moxie Software’s Service Chat Spaces™, organizations can deliver a seamless, cross-channel customer experience from virtual to assisted service. The integration allows companies to respond faster to digital consumers and deliver improved agent productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and consistent cross-channel experience with seamless escalation.

Combining Moxie’s Service Chat Spaces with Nuance improves efficiencies by deflecting calls to the contact center, managing initial customer contact by collecting information to populate a service ticket, and heightening the efficiency of contact reps when a case is escalated to live help.